One of the things I love most about having workshops in the studio,  is being able to witness the sense of pride that everyone feels about the piece of glass art they made.  Led by curiosity, with absolutely no experience, participants take a risk to try something new and they are always amazed at how much they love their finished piece!  Everyone is supportive and encouraging of each other and we have a lot of laughs.  Great way to spend a few hours with friends or maybe meet some new and interesting people. The Shakti Glass Works Facebook page is full of years of projects in progress in the studio or at other venues throughout the Lakeland area.

The Monthly Workshop,   is advertised on the website  two weeks prior to the date. If you are on the email list,  you will will receive an email once a month with upcoming workshop project and registration details.  The workshop will also be posted to the Shakti Glass Works Facebook page, a few days after release to the email list.

The studio can be booked privately for birthday parties, girls night out, work social events or one on one studio time.  Please contact us to arrange for a time that is suitable for your schedule.

New workshops will be added regularly. 

You can get as creative as you like with this piece. I have hundreds of stencils to choose from including birds, Japanese gardens, Buddha, abstract cats and many more.  You can also choose your color of paints.  It is a simple technique that can be done by any level of glass enthusiast.  

Each October the Poppy Workshop is always a favorite! A new and unique piece is offered every year,  as we often have repeat studio friends for this workshop. Watch the Monthly Workshop page for this year's project, it will be posted in September.

This timeless piece is new to the workshop lineup.  The face is always pre-cut for you as it does take experience with using a ring saw.  The rest is easily manageable for someone who has some basic experience cutting glass. 

These beautiful little creatures just amazes me by the way the light sparkles through it. This project does not involve cutting glass. You use glass nippers to chip off little pieces of colored fusing glass and follow the pattern on the fiber paper.  Great for all ages.

The weave bowl is another all time favorite workshop.  Although it may look like a challenge, it  is really quite easy.  A great piece for an introduction to fused glass. Very little to no cutting required.

If you choose to create this piece, we will need to book in advance as the elephants and the base must be made prior to the workshop.  This one is good for an individual or small group project.  No experience necessary.

Lanterns are always a great gift because you create the panels to be what ever you want them to be.  Flowers, Grapes, Baby Shower, Christmas, Halloween.  Easy and fun workshop. Great youth project too. 

These sparkling Sun Catchers will keep the colors of summer always in your window.  Let the colors cast a rainbow in your kitchen or favorite window in the house.

One of the most popular workshops in the studio! Upon request, we have taken this workshop to Bonnyville, St. Paul and Lloydminster too.  No cutting experience required, we will teach you basic glass cutting and you will be cutting this simple leaf pattern like a pro in no time.  Great project for youth as well.

Let your imagination go with this project.  This could easily be a winter scene or butterfly's and dragonfly's in a field of wild flowers.  Maybe an abstract piece that would fit in with your home decor. What is your vision?

Hope was inspired by another glass artist, but as soon as I saw her I felt her, I was graciously told I could recreate her and she has since inspired future portrait pieces.  This piece can be made in other decorative colors if booked  in advance, otherwise these are the workshop colors. 

Won 1st Place in the 2020 Agricultural Society Fall Fair

There is always room for creativity in this piece, maybe you would like to use dolphins, fish or seahorses instead of turtles.  The choice is yours. 

These easy and fast pieces are great as a gift that can be made in an a few hours with a couple of friends.  A variety of embellishments to choose from if hearts aren't for you such as turtles, seahorses and flowers or you can create a stunning abstract piece.

What is your favorite season?  You can choose winter, spring, summer or fall for this piece. I have little embellishments that you can add to your piece like bunnies, mushrooms, dragon flies etc.

Keep the beautiful colors of summer shimmering in your windows all year round. These beauties are made with a variety of freeze and fuse embellishments. Very little cutting involved. Just let loose with creativity.  For the Christmas season this piece is done to reflect a holly wreath.

This fun piece piece can be anything you want it to be!  You bring your favorite animal picture and place it under the glass.  You them snip pieces of glass in a variety of shapes and colors to create an abstract piece of art.  This workshop can be as elaborate or basic as you choose which makes it an ideal workshop for youth.

It's the chemical reactions between the french vanilla glass and the blue glass that makes this piece interesting.  After first fusing it will go back in to the kiln for a gentle slumping.