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Cathy has such an enthusiasm to pass on her love of glass work, she sets an idea for a class, then encourages you to develop and create your own design and works with you to help you create an original piece of art. Classes are always fun and filled with laughter and encouragement.

Becky Cudmore

Every class I have gone to I am very proud of my work. I show it to people that can’t believe I made it! Cathy has a way of encouraging you to be creative and expand your confidence in yourself. Unsure? Sign up for a class and you won’t regret it. 

Rose Lapoint

 Love the talent and enthusiasm Cathy has in her art and her willingness to share it with others. I have taken one class, so far, and enjoyed myself so much. But I am also lucky enough to have a one of a kind piece of art work from Shakti Glass Works. Thank you for sharing your passion. I look forward to taking another class. GREAT JOB

Debi Morse Stahn

Deb and her mom, Leslie Kippen,  have moved on to the Ottawa area and they are greatly missed.   Deb came to a workshop I hosted for the Military Family Resource Centre's Women's Show, and  has come to multiple workshops over the years.  Her signature, is she put a little dragonfly on all her pieces, except her poppy.  Miss you Deb!

Deb WIlcox

 I discovered glass fusing and Shakti Glass Works at a Women’s conference held at an MFRC a few years back. Cathy is an absolute gem of a woman. Her and I just clicked. At the time my spouse was away for an extended period of time so I decided to book a semi-private class so my kids and I could go and create something of our own... at the time the kids were 12 & 8 and they absolutely loved it. They still cherish their creations (sun catchers) and the time spent in the studio. I had made a very special wind chime for myself and did a few smaller ones for gifts to bring home to my family in Germany. Such an amazing time learning and creating and love the end results. Thanks to her amazing guidance and patience!

Nadia Bizier

I liked using machines like the saw and seeing a kiln for the first time. I liked doing a big delicate project and using little dull shards of glass. I liked using strings of glass for the stems and buttons of glass for still growing poppies. Cathy was helpful and helped me with parts that I wasn’t comfortable with. She was also encouraging me and taught me how to use the saw. 

David Jester Hakke

What a wonderful class!  Cathy explains the glass fusing process from start to finish.  She encourages creativity and personalizing the pieces you make to reflect the student as well as the recipient.  I ended up with one-of a-kind pieces of art that I proudly display.

Anita Rourke

I loved making my pieces in Cathy’s studio. It was welcoming and fun and it felt like family time.

Cathy Wilson

Leslie attended the very first workshop I ever did.  At that time I was hosting workshops in community facilities like the Visual Art Centre, Loopaloo Ceramics, Beantrees Cafe and the Cold Lake Energy Centre because I had not set the studio up yet.  I had so much fun with Leslie, she was a pillar in our community of older adults in Cold Lake before moving to the Ottawa area.  Miss you Leslie

Leslie Kippen

I always  wanted to try sandblasting.  Thanks Cathy, pretty cool.  I really like my piece.

Jim Cudmore

My friend absolutely adored her gift!! She has over 10,000 elephants but nothing like this one. I'm so happy she loved it :)

Carol Anne Dumphy

I never considered myself creative but playing with glass, at Shakti Glass Works Studio, has been so rewarding!  The studio is welcoming, fun and allows you to simply create great pieces.  Cant wait until my next visit.

Deb Thomas

What an awesome afternoon with my girls.  I can't believe I did this, I would never see myself doing this but it was awesome and we had so much fun.  We all love our lanterns.

Cathy Gautier